Food Executives Club of Vancouver

- Established 1955

Jack Carruthers following a visit to Seattle, where he was a guest of the manufacturers Representatives Club, conceived the idea of a Food Executives Club originally.

The first formative meeting of the Food Executives was held in 1955 at the old Pacific Athletic Club, in attendance were Jack Carruthers, Jack Merrell, Jack Crompton, Harold McColl and Russ Winfield.

On the 28th Day of April 1958, the Food Executive Club of Vancouver was officially incorporated under the Societies Act of British Columbia. The information and ideas, which Jack Carruthers had picked up during his Seattle visit, provided useful guidelines for the Food Executives whose general aims were much the same as those of the Manufacturers Representatives Club.

Original objectives of the club were to foster better relations between Club members and the TRADE, by creating an atmosphere of co-operation through collective discussion and dissemination of information. Later the Club's activities were broadened to include social events.

In 1957 an Annual Golf Tournament, hosted by the Club for members and trade guests, was initiated as a successor to the tournament, which had hitherto been hosted by Consolidated Grocers. The Dough Fraser memorial trophy was created in memory of Dough Fraser, who at the time of his passing had been head buyer of Kelly Douglas.

In 1973 the President's Trophy was first awarded to winner Bill Craig. The purpose of the trophy is to commemorate those outstanding in the food industry and the first year it was presented in memory of Ernie Louie.

Another popular social event is the Club's annual Dinner and Dance, which has been held in November of each year since 1958. Also in 1970 the Club started an Annual Fun Curling Bonspiel, which is held every winter.

In the area of service to the community and our industry, the club continues to support the BC institute of Technology and Marketing Management Program. The Club makes an annual award to the top-graduating student in the Professional Sales Option at BCIT's annual graduation ceremony in June. This was suspended in 2003. Finally, in 1997 a student bursary was established for awarding to deserving relatives of Food Executive Members.

Monthly meetings of the Club were first held at the downtown Devonshire Hotel, at the Dog House on Broadway & Fir, then Marine Drive Golf Course, then the Executive Inn - Burnaby on Lougheed Highway, now at the Executive Inn in Coquitlam (North Road).

FECOV - Past Presidents

1955 E.J. Carruthers
1956 E.J. Merrell - D
1957 J.W Crompton
1958 H.R. McColl
1959 A.C Rae
1960 J.A. Cook
1961 W.A. Craig
1962 T. Bumstead
1963 E.G. Burns
1964 I.F. Stachan
1965 H.E. Roberts
1966 L.R. Willington
1967 W.D. Campbell
1968 J.A. Irwin
1969 M. Conrad
1970 J.D. Brasseur
1971 W.R. Fitzsimmons
1972 H.S. Howe
1973 J.E. Harner-Jackson
1974 T. Kershaw
1975 H. Cook
1976 J.R. McSorley - D
1977 L.F. Lenheiser
1978 H. Hennig - D
1979 W.S. Boland
1980 J. Gibson
1981 J. Barberie
1982 G. Bissett - D
1983 B.M. Last
1984 L.W.L. Jones
1985 E.C. Graham
1986 R.L. Muir
1987 T.W. Tessman
1988 N.R.K. Anderson
1989 R.E. Potter
1990 M.E. Daniels
1991 D. Douglas
1992 S. Corbett
1993 A.J. Ibsen
1994 J. Gattens
1995 T. Caswell
1996 S Maddeaux
1997 J. King
1998 R. Parkinson
1999 J. Bomhof
2000 J. White
2001 P. Andreassen
2002 D. Dawson
2003 B. Heiltjes
2004 E Wijenberg
2005 D. Cleveland
2006 S. Beauchamp
2007 G. Van Beek
2008 A. Ibsen
2009 M. Fuller
2010 Michael Abey
2011 Tony Llewellyn
2012 Roger Antoniazzi
2013 John Vuckovic
2014 Sandy Mutiger
2015 Kyle Leslie
2016 Josianne Legare
2017 Jason Nichol

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